Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is using Rush Limbaugh and Fox News to promote his uphill 2016 presidential bid against Hillary Clinton, suggesting that the right is afraid of his progressive efforts to pull the Democrat to the left.

In his daily news wrap-up, Sanders notes that conservatives are paying attention to him and giving him credit for potentially derailing Clinton’s likely run for the White House.

In several separate story links, he cites Limbaugh, Fox and others to legitimize his run and progressive agenda. In a recent interview, Sanders has suggested that me might also run as an independent.

Limbaugh and others have called Sanders a socialist, but for many looking past moderate Clinton to a more forcefully progressive liberal, the label is something Sanders heralds. A critic of corporate aid, he also included a story about Clinton's ties to aircraft giant Boeing.

Here are a few examples from his daily newsletter tweeted out Tuesday morning that show his interest in running:

White House '16 Sen. Sanders' interest in running for president shows "there will be other people that will want this besides Hillary," according to The Rush Limbaugh Show. He's gonna take that campaign and he's gonna take the party to the left, gonna go full-fledged, undisguised socialism. He's gonna drag Hillary there if she wants to win," Limbaugh said. Sanders may run no matter what Hillary Clinton does “and he's not afraid to push a socialist agenda,” Carl Cameron reported for Fox News.

White House '16 Writing for Truthout, Kevin Mathews said it is “critical for Americans to hear [Sanders’] progressive views to understand the actual problems we face," A challenge from Sanders could derail a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, The Daily Caller said. In a letter to the editor of the West Lebanon, N.H., Valley News. Jon Appleton wrote that "we should avoid the Clinton and Bush dynasties.”

N.H. Independents Looking ahead to New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, veteran political observer Bob Shrum said the independent Sen. Sanders and Hillary Clinton may compete in the Democratic primary but independents may be a bigger factor for Republicans. “If Hillary Clinton is there and people think she`s going to be the nominee, independents are going to flood into the Republican primary and all of that stuff that we heard at this so called ‘Freedom Summit’ is actually going to hurt those guys in the primary,” Shrum said on MSNBC.

Clinton Backs Boeing, and Vice Versa While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton functioned as a powerful ally for Boeing’s business interests at home and abroad, while Boeing has invested resources in causes beneficial to Clinton’s public and political Image, The Washington Post reported.

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