A veterans group announced Thursday it will embark on a summer bus tour as part of a national campaign to call out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email server scandal.

Veterans for a Strong America (VSA), a grassroots action organization, will launch The Difference It Makes Bus Tour in early June to petition the Justice Department to hold Clinton accountable for her improper use of a private email server while in the Obama administration.

"Vets for a Strong America intends to spend the summer reminding people how Hillary Clinton's record makes her a hypocrite," Joel Arends, U.S. Army Reserve Major and VSA chairman, said in a statement. "We cannot have one standard of law for the elite political class and another for everyone else. We are a nation of laws and equal justice under the law. Therefore Mrs. Clinton must be held accountable for her actions."

The group will depart from San Diego and travel to more than a dozen cities, including Phoenix, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Topeka, St. Louis, Louisville, Norfolk and Washington, D.C.

VSA will collect comments and petition signatures from Americans who believe the Democratic presidential candidate is at fault for her actions. The petition will then be hand-delivered to FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch upon the group's arrival in the nation's capital.

A handful of prominent veterans will join the bus tour, including retired Air Force Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, retired Air Force Major Gen. Bentley Rayburn and retired Air Force Brigadier Gen. Don Bacon.