Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx took his fight for the Highway Trust Fund to Kentucky on Wednesday.

Joined by Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, the pair laid out a grim future for the Bluegrass State should the Highway Trust Fund run out of money in August as projected.

"Anticipating that action, we have already postponed $185 million in federally supported construction projects in the Commonwealth of Kentucky," Beshear said.

The projects in Kentucky are just a fraction of what will be compromised if the Aug. 1 deadline passes without action from Congress.

"On average," Foxx explained, "states will see a 28 percent drop in funding."

Several plans have been floated around on Capitol Hill to replenish the Highway Trust Fund, but so far nothing has been passed. President Obama introduced the Grow America Act as his solution to the rapidly decreasing fund.

"It increases funding for roadways, railways, and transit systems so that we can keep pace with our growing economy and our growing economic needs," said Foxx.

Foxx said there are about 700,000 jobs on the line if no legislation is passed to keep the Highway Trust Fund funded.