U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx isn't backing down from his fight for highway funding.

During a tele-town hall event Wednesday, just days after Congress closed its doors for a one month break, he pleaded with lawmakers to remain open to funding critical transportation needs.

They’ve looked under every mattress, they’ve looked under the kids' car seats for nickels and dimes to keep the Highway Trust Fund stabilized," Foxx said. "There’s only so much of that that can be done before you run out of options. And I think we’re very close to that point."

Hours before leaving town for their August recess, lawmakers approved a $10.8 billion funding package to keep money in federal transportation coffers through May of 2015. Foxx calls the agreement a stopgap measure, far from the sustainable transportation funding solution many were hoping for.

"There’s almost a hopelessness that Congress will actually address this issue squarely in a long-term fashion," Foxx said.

With May just around the corner, lawmakers have little time to find new ways to build up the dwindling Highway Trust Fund. Currently, the fund is financed primarily through fuel taxes unchanged since the 1990's.

But Foxx is optimistic, and said its up to the American people to push their representatives to action.

"I think the country needs to get a little noisier on this," Foxx said. "I think we have a moment where Republicans and Democrats, if the American people are speaking up, can forge an alliance to get us unstuck and to get America moving again."