White House staffers allowed cameras into today’s White House Christmas event with Michelle Obama capturing a fun moment as a group of children flocked to the First Lady to pet the “First Dog” Bo.

“Can we pet him?” asked one child.

“Yeah absolutely,” the First Lady said, “He’s all clean, he just got cleaned.”

Another kid squeaked, “He’s so fluffy!”

After Michelle Obama explained that Bo was a “Portuguese water dog,” one child asked if he liked to swim.

“Yeah he loves to swim,” she responded.

“I think that’s why he’s called a water dog, because he’s blue!” a child speculated. “That could be it,” the First Lady answered.

“I’ve never actually got to pet a dog before…since that time the dog bit me I never petted a dog again,” another child said.

The First Lady added that it she was glad the child still liked dogs, even though he was bit by one.

“Not all dogs bite,” she said. All dogs are capable of biting, but not all dogs do.”