Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who became an Eagle Scout at 14, is urging the Boy Scouts to resist accepting homosexuals as scouts, charging that the pro-gay push is just "the flavor of the month" from liberal advocates.

Appearing on a simulcast designed to boost opposition to the plan to open Boy Scout membership to gay boys, Perry said bowing to pressure would ruin the 103-year-old institution.

"This is a private organization. Their values and principles have worked for a century," he said on the broadcast hosted by the conservative Family Research Council. "For pop culture to come in and tear that up because it just happens to be the flavor of the month, so to speak," added Perry, "that is just not appropriate."

Perry, who is considering a second try at the presidency in 2016, urged Americans to help the Boy Scouts fight an assault on their values and traditions. "If we change and become more like pop culture, young men will be not as well served, American will not be as well served, and Boy Scouts will start on a decline," said Perry.

The Family Research Council, OnMyHonor.net, Concerned Women for America, the American Family Associatio, and Focus on the Family are urging the 1,400 delegates of the BSA National Council to reject the membership change at the upcoming May 22-25 convention.