Hundreds of people from around the country marched toward Capitol Hill on Monday to demand that Congress raise the minimum wage.

One rally-goer, Rebecca Hatley of Kalamazoo, Mich., said, "It's very difficult for families to get by, and we feel that all people, regardless of what they do, all skill levels, need to be able to survive."

Hatley, a mother of a three-year-old son, is counting on politicians to help. "We're tired of waiting for out of touch politicians to act," Hatley says. "They need to act now, they need to help us."

Opponents say raising the minimum wage will lead to more layoffs because of increased employer expenses.

Others believe raising the hourly rate to the proposed $10.10 per hour isn't enough.

"The time is now for change," Andrea Mercado of Florida told Washington Examiner. "We need a fair wage of 15 dollars an hour."

Most people at the rally say they'd be happy with at least the proposed $10.10-per-hour rate.