Impeach President Obama? A new poll shows that it doesn't have much traction with most Americans.

Results from a CNN/ORC survey released Friday show nearly two thirds of Americans oppose the idea of impeaching the president. One third think he should be impeached.

The results come a little more than two weeks after former Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin suggested impeachment in two different op-ed's, arguing the president had "abused and violated the public trust."

So impeachment is off the table for most Americans, but what about suing him? Again, a majority say it's the wrong move.

House Speaker John Boehner formally announced earlier this month plans to sue the president for "failing to faithfully execute the law."

A strong 57 percent of respondents say they don't feel Boehner and House Republicans should move forward with legal action against the commander in chief. Forty-one percent say they should.

Poll numbers aside, House Republicans are moving forward. The House Rules Committee approved the resolution Thursday in a 7-4 party line vote, and the full chamber could act on the measure as early as next week.

Reports Friday suggest the White House is taking threats of impeachment and legal action "seriously."