Florida loves Jeb Bush.

Among other Republicans on the short list for a 2016 presidential run, a new poll of Florida voters shows he's a top contender for the GOP nomination, and stands the best chance against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,251 registered Florida voters between July 17 and 21, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent. One out of five Republican respondents — about 21 percent — favored their former governor over the rest of the GOP field. Even current Florida Sen. Marco Rubio couldn't top that, though he garnered a respectable 18 percent.

But to really get a sense of Bush's strength in his home state, you have to match up the Republican contenders against the current Democratic favorite, Hillary Clinton.

Running against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Clinton leads by 21 points. Against Rubio, she's ahead by 14 points. Even Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who ran for Vice President in 2012, lags 13 points behind the former secretary of state.

Clinton also leads Jeb Bush in Florida, but the margin is more manageable. She's up seven points, 49-42, the smallest margin of any other potential GOP contender.

As we discussed in a video last week, the 2016 presidential race could conceivably come down to a battle between these two political dynasties, and winning Florida (and its 29 electoral votes) would be key.

Clinton has the advantage now, but Bush is far from out of the game.