Making changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs is part of the federal government's "sacred obligation" to American troops, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday.

Biden assured veterans those changes are underway while speaking before the 115th Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in St. Louis.

"You are the muscle, the sinew, the heart of this great country. The way I look at it, you are America's spine," he said.

Biden thanked the VFW and other veterans organizations for making their voices heard during recent months after reports of delays in care, improper record keeping and other issues surfaced at VA hospitals across the country. He promised the federal government will not rest until those issues are fixed.

"Government has many obligations," Biden said. "... But it has only one sacred obligation. Only one truly sacred obligation that's above all others. And that's to care for and equip who we send to war, and care for them and their families when they come home from war. That's the only truly sacred obligation we have."

Biden also called on lawmakers to quickly confirm President Obama's pick to lead the VA, former Proctor & Gamble President and CEO Bob McDonald.

"He learned how to make organizations deliver, he's learned how to hold them accountable," Biden said. "And for all of the challenges that we've had, the Veterans Affairs Department also has thousands of hard working, dedicated, patriotic Americans -- many of them veterans -- working overtime to do the right thing."

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson is scheduled to speak before a Senate committee Tuesday morning to discuss what's next for the VA.