When former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, D-N.Y. hosted his own show on CNN, he questioned the media’s role in the Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., scandal that lead the congressman to resign in 2011.

“Is there too much joy?” Spitzer wondered aloud to Dan Abrams of Mediaite, “This was like watching a lion over the carcass of a zebra. It’s just been completely devoured.”

Spitzer reminded Abrams during the show that although Weiner’s bizarre behavior was “offensive” it was not illegal.

“There was the underlying offensive behavior,” Spitzer explained. “Offensive and I’m using that word intentionally. Not clear, we may never know if it was illegal — violative of House rules — we just don’t know.”

During the program, Spitzer acknowledged his own scandal which forced him to resign as governor of New York.

“There is something frightening, something worth examining in the gigantic media swarm that descends when these stories develop,” Spitzer said. “Some would say that I of all people have no business commenting on this because of the events that led to my resignation as governor of New York. But maybe because I’ve been on both sides of the story, I’m well suited to have a conversation on how this was covered.”

Spitzer advised Weiner to take time out the spotlight before planning his next move.

“You sit, you reflect and you figure out what you did wrong, why you did it wrong and what you can contribute back to society,” he said. “You then go out and try to do things that you think will contribute and you begin to lead a life and put it back together.”

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