President Obama has turned his sights to the looming deadline to replenish the Highway Trust Fund. He's laying out the issues that lie ahead should congress not act to stabilize a fund that is projected to run dry by the end of August.

"Soon states may have to choose which projects to continue and which projects to put the breaks on because they're running out of money," President Obama said to the crowd in Washington on Tuesday.

Obama's speech comes on the heels of Secretary of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx's open letter to the heads of state departments of transportation informing them that unless congress acts to rectify the Trust Fund situation, there will be a new cash management system implemented.

The new cash management system will stop paying each transportation bill as soon as they are submitted and instead start a bi-monthly payment process as funds from the gas tax roll in.

"Just fix some bridges and roads," Obama said. "It really shouldn't be controversial. It hasn't been controversial in the past."

Should congress not act in time to replenish the Highway Trust Fund, Foxx says that with his plan, states will see a 28 percent drop in federal transportation funding on average.