The clock is ticking for the Highway Trust Fund, set to become insolvent in just a few weeks. The Obama administration announced Monday that the president will announce new executive actions this week to keep the fund from running dry.

As it currently stands, the Highway Trust Fund will run dry in August.

"The president's been clear that we need to do more to improve our infrastructure in order to create jobs, provide certainty to states and communities, help American business and grow our economy," said White House press secretary Josh Earnest Monday during his daily briefing.

Kicking off Obama's infrastructure week, the White House released a report outlining why Congress needs to fix the expiring Highway Trust Fund. They also released an interactive map detailing the highway system in all 50 states. The map spells out the consequences for each state if Congress doesn't act to replenish the fund before their August recess.

According to the map, a few of the states in the worst shape -- should funding fall through -- are California, New York, and New Jersey.

President Obama will speak at a highway research center in Virginia on Tuesday and will visit an infrastructure project in Delaware on Thursday.