The White House in a video on Tuesday touted an “enhanced” online broadcast of the State of the Union address and encouraged the public to help promote the president's message.

In the video posted to YouTube, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough highlights ways for the public to engage with the administration during Obama's important speech.

“The State of the Union is not just a conversation with Congress, but a conversation with you the American people,” says McDonough. “It is a unique opportunity for the president to report on what we have achieved together in the past year and to provide his leadership and vision for the direction our country should take in the next.

“The president has been hard at work on the 2014 State of the Union and when the president addresses the nation, the White House will provide you something online that you can’t find elsewhere,” he adds.

McDonough encourages viewers to watch the address online at with an “enhanced version of the speech that offers charts, graphics and data that further explain the decisions that shape the policies and issues in the president’s remarks.”

Adding that the speech is “just the beginning,” McDonough also touts additional ways for the public to “take part in the State of the Union,” encouraging participants to respond to the speech on Twitter and share information through other social media channels.

After the address, policy advisers and officials will also field questions from the public.

“Tune in Tuesday night to be a part of the president’s State of the Union enhanced broadcast and get involved with the important issues facing our nation,” says McDonough.

Obama will deliver his address Jan. 28. The speech will be a pivotal moment and could set the tone for the rest of his second term after a difficult 2013 that saw much of the president's domestic agenda stall in Congress.

The president has said that proposals to fight income inequality, which he calls the “defining challenge” of our time will be the centerpiece of his speech and the rest of his term.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, will deliver the Tea Party response to the president's State of the Union. Republican leaders have yet to announce who will deliver the GOP address.