D.C. Mayor Vince Gray late Monday moved to raise the speed limit on five more sections of the city's roads.

The move comes after the District Department of Transportation studied the roads, all of which are monitored by speed cameras, and determined that speed limits could go up without harming safety, the agency said in a statement.

The mayor raised the speed limit on eastbound New York Avenue from Bladensburg Road to the Maryland state line, from 40 to 45 mph; westbound New York Avenue from Maryland to Bladensburg Road, from 35 to 40 mph; Bladensburg Road from Mt. Olivet Road to New York Avenue, from 25 to 30 mph; North Capitol Street from Michigan Avenue to Harewood Road, from 35 to 40 mph; and Canal Road from Chain Bridge to Foxhall Road, from 35 to 40 mph.

"Residents have asked us to reconsider the posted maximums in these areas, and we're confident these changes can be made without compromising safety," Gray said in a statement.

Gray raised the speed limit on three other District streets in November.

Pedestrian safety advocate Terry Lynch opposed the higher speed limits announced Monday.

"This is not a good development. The city is increasing in the number of bicyclists, and pedestrians. This sends the wrong message. The few extra miles per hour per roadway do not merit the likely possible increased risk and encouragement to faster driving," Lynch said. "This will only encourage faster driving, not safer driving."

The new speed limits take effect Tuesday.