It was no secret that Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling was upset the GOP blocked his chance to run for governor, and now he's criticizing his own party for Tuesday's loss to Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

In a statement, Bolling, rejected at a GOP convention in favor of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, portrayed the Republicans as narrowly focused, partisan and unwilling to reach out to minorities.

“There are clear lessons in these losses for the Republican Party. Going forward, we need to have an open and honest conversation about the future of our party and determine what we must do to reconnect with a more diverse voter base whose support is critical to political success in Virginia.”

He added: “Now that the campaigns have ended, we must all come together in support of our elected leaders and help them in their effort to build a better Virginia. Let that process begin.”

While some establishment Republicans and many in the mainstream media are suggesting that Virginia rejected Cuccinelli because of his focus on issues like Obamacare and his embrace of the Tea Party, others blame the scandal plaguing Republican Gov. Robert McDonnell, McAuliffe’s huge war chest and a controversial and untested Republican lieutenant governor for Cuccinnelli’s loss by just 2.4 percent of the vote

For proof they note that in Loudoun County, which is emerging as a Democratic base, chose a Tea Party newcomer in a delegate race and liberal McLean, Va., re-elected conservative Del. Barbara Comstock.

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