Virginia Republican Rep. Dave Brat said if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act with legislation just approved by two key House committees, they will make the same mistakes as Democrats and face voters' wrath.

"It will fail," Brat said Thursday about the economics underpinning the legislation headed for the House Budget Committee after the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committees approved it in marathon sessions that ended Thursday.

"You see what's happening?" the outspoken House Freedom Caucus member asked reporters. "We're going to craft one-fifth of our national economy in two weeks on the fly; and if you don't see the problem with that intellectually over the last few hundred years, across countries, we got a problem."

Brat said the bill is "too much politics and not enough good policy."

Democrats erred in writing the original law because they didn't focus enough on cost containment, Brat said.

"And our side in the bill, we look like we're going to do that again," he said.

"Guess what my people back home think I should do? Do another federal healthcare system that does most the components of Obamacare? They're this far away from voting for it" he said of House Democrats.

"If the Democrats had proposed this bill six years ago, what would Republicans have said? 'No,'" Brat said.