At least four voicemail messages left on Florida Gov. Rick Scott's cellphone from the Hollywood nursing home where 11 died in wake of Hurricane Irma, were deleted, according to a report.

"The voicemails were not retained because the information from each voicemail was collected by the Governor's staff and given to the proper agency for handling," a spokeswoman for the governor told CBS4 after they requested copies of the voicemails.

The vice president with the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, Natasha Anderson, told CBS4 that she called the governor's cellphone to request "immediate assistance" in bringing air conditioning back to the home. The first call was placed 36 hours before the first patient died.

On Sept. 10, around 3 p.m., is when Hurricane Irma made landfall in South Florida, and according to the report, it was at 3:49 p.m. that nursing home workers contacted Florida Power and Light with an emergency request to restore power to their air condition unit. FPL told the administrators they would have crews sent out to restore power the next morning.

A day later, on the night of Sept. 11, following multiple calls to Florida Power and Light, Anderson called the cellphone number provided by Scott. It went straight to voicemail. Anderson made three additional calls to Scott's cellphone on Sept. 12.

The governor's office has said that the calls were referred to the proper agencies and has deferred blame back onto the nursing home.

"None of this changes the fact that this facility chose not to call 911 or evacuate their patients to the hospital across the street to save lives," a spokeswoman said.

The Scott administration has reportedly ended Medicaid and Medicare funding for the nursing home and revoked its license.