Voters generally support the idea, included in a new Republican funding bill, of stripping members of Congress and their staffs of their employer health care contribution, according to a poll of 18 battleground congressional districts conducted by a GOP pollster.

In GOP-leaning districts, swing districts and Republican districts won by President Obama in 2012, the poll found that 57 percent approve of the proposal to eliminate the employer contribution Congress and staff now receive.

Under the health care law, members and staff are not eligible for Obamacare subsidies available to other Americans who purchase health care on private insurance exchanges. But the Office of Personnel Management, in a move that outraged voters, ruled that lawmakers and staff could keep the employer health insurance contribution they already have.

House Republican leaders on Monday proposed stripping away that contribution in their latest must-pass budget bill designed to scale back Obamacare but avert a government shutdown at midnight. The House GOP proposal would also include executive branch political appointees.