President Obama's abuses of executive authority have been slapped down by the Supreme Court, condemned by liberal legal scholars and pushed Republicans to the point where many are considering impeachment.

Meanwhile, the House Rules Committee on Wednesday is holding a historic hearing to debate a resolution authorizing a federal lawsuit against the president for waiving the health care law's employer mandate until 2015.

Neither impeachment nor a federal lawsuit ever was a good idea: Impeachment surely would fail in the Democratic-controlled Senate and make a martyr of Obama. Asking the courts to settle a dispute between the legislative and executive branches would be the latest surrender of power from an elected Congress to unelected judges after too many have already occurred.

But most importantly it's not what voters want. A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that a majority of voters prefer a political solution: Elect a Congress that can use its power to block Obama's abuses.

The last couple of years have been frustrating for congressional Republicans, seeing their legislative proposals blocked by the Democratic-controlled Senate while Obama travels the country falsely claiming he has to take matters in his own hands because they won't act (and he won't negotiate). But the political process is the best outlet for those frustrations.

Voters know it, and Republican leaders should heed their advice.

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