More than 10,000 people could have voted twice in a local election in Nashville, Tenn., last week, but no poll workers would have known how to stop it, according to the Nashville's alt-weekly publication.

Kent Wall, Davidson County's election administrator, confirmed to the Nashville Scene that on Election Day the prior week for a judicial primary, a person who had voted early in the day was not recorded as having done so in the electronic poll books.

Further investigation found that though more than 13,000 people had already voted earlier in the day, when the records came back from Election Systems & Software — a manufacturer of the poll books — only about 2,000 votes showed up.

"The missing records meant that more than 10,000 early voters could have shown up again on Election Day and voted a second time without being detected at the time," the Scene story said.

Wall then said, after reviewing the election, officials found "less than a dozen" people who appeared to have voted twice.

"However, had the amount of double-votes been in the thousands — as they could have been — knowing about it after the fact would not have prevented the integrity of the entire election from being in question," the Scene said.

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