Base salaries of local government employees show only part of a worker's income, as some county and city employees take home double, triple or even quadruple their annual salaries, often thanks to overtime wages or backpay.

For instance, two D.C. Department of Corrections employees made hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay above the base salaries for their positions -- one employee, Michael J. Dubose, made nearly three and a half times as much as the maximum base salary for his job, making him the highest-paid D.C. government employee in 2011, according to salary data obtained by a public records request by The Washington Examiner.

(View the salaries of government workers who make $100,000 or more in base salary in Alexandria, Arlington County, the District, Fairfax County, Montgomery County and Prince George's County)

Dubose, a health system administrator for the corrections department, raked in $431,429.96 in 2011. A health system administrator's base salary is between $88,545 and $123,963, according to corrections department spokeswoman Sylvia Lane, who said she wasn't authorized to explain how Dubose earned such a high income.

Correctional program specialist Dexter W. Allen was the second highest-paid D.C. employee last calendar year, taking home $391,025.24, more than four times the base pay for his job. The position pays a base salary between $72,010 and $92,782, according to Lane.

Workers in Montgomery County also took home high incomes in 2011, thanks to overtime pay -- more than 280 government employees took home an extra $30,000 in overtime wages.

Firefighters, who made up 14 of the 15 highest overtime earners, raked in more than $200,000 in overtime and base salary combined.