Sandra Fluke, best known for advocating for birth control without a co-pay, now says that current campaign finance laws are “a big barrier” to women candidates.

“And we're still not where we need to be on campaign finance reform. And so women are still at a disadvantage because folks often don't donate as much to female candidates either, and that is - that's a big barrier,” Fluke told MSNBC host Abby Huntsman.

If you’re confused by Fluke’s reasoning, you’re not alone. Huntsman’s camera look while Fluke was talking about the issue says it all:

How would limiting campaign contributions help female candidates? Your guess is as good as mine.

All I could come up with was that maybe people would want to donate so bad that they would start giving to multiple candidates when they reached their campaign limit. But when the Supreme Court basically allowed that back in April, liberals went apoplectic.

Fluke hasn’t stated how campaign finance reform would actually help women, and a Washington Examiner request to her campaign went unanswered at press time.