The right-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial board is warning that Donald Trump's presidency is on the verge of collapse as it continues to flail in the face of multiple controversies.

The paper said in an editorial published Tuesday night that Trump can only sustain so much scrutiny from the news media and Congress before it unravels.

"The state of the Trump Presidency has been perpetual turbulence, which seems to be how the principal likes it," said the Journal. "The latest vortex is over Mr. Trump's disclosure of sensitive intel to the Russians — and whatever the particulars of the incident, the danger is that Presidencies can withstand only so much turbulence before they come apart."

"Mr. Trump needs to appreciate how close he is to losing the Republicans he needs to pass the agenda that will determine if he is successful," it said. "Weeks of pointless melodrama and undisciplined comments have depleted public and Capitol Hill attention from health care and tax reform, and exhaustion is setting in."

The White House is currently on the defensive over a spate of reports related to Trump's firing of James Comey and the FBI's investigation into whether the president's 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

White House officials have often conveyed mixed messages in response to the reports, at times denying their veracity only for the president to later contradict those messages or offer his own inconsistent account.

The latest bombshell came Monday when it was reported that Trump had shared sensitive national security information with Russian officials, though the White House has said there was nothing "inappropriate" about the conversation. And on Tuesday, it was reported that Trump tried to encourage the FBI to stop investigating former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

"This eruption shows why a President's credibility is so important," said the Journal editorial. "If people don't believe Mr. Trump's words or trust his judgment, they won't give him the benefit of the doubt or be responsive if he asks for support."