Moms who shop at Walmart monthly, today's version of the 1990s “soccer moms,” believe that Congress and President Obama have broken their trust with the nation, leading them to “lose enthusiasm for being an American,” according to new research by the retail giant.

“Walmart Moms,” said a new survey by the firm and two polling companies, “talk about their embarrassment about what's going on in Washington, and say that it has made them lose enthusiasm for being an American.

“These women want to be optimistic about the future of the country, but they just can't bring themselves to believe that things are going to get better. They are resigned that dysfunctional government may be the new standard.”

The company conducted focus groups in Kansas City, Mo., and Nashville, Tenn., where Walmart moms expressed disgust with Washington, blaming politicians for making their life tougher and national mood angrier.

In the focus groups, the moms hit everybody in Washington political life. “Walmart Moms save their harshest words for the politicians in Washington, and described what's going on there as ‘disgusting, ‘scary,’ and ‘out of control,’ ” said the focus group summary.

In Nashville, moms called Congress "Kindergarteners," and in Kansas City they called them "toddlers." They pointed to Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and his reading of "Green Eggs & Ham" during his long filibuster against Obamacare as a sign of Washington’s childishness.

Some blamed GOP egos. One mom said, "Republicans are pitching a hissy fit, if we don't get what we want, we'll shut down the whole government."

Several others, however, blamed Obama for not making good on his promise to bring people together. “They argue that President Obama did not unify the country, instead he caused more division,” said the survey.

There are signs of optimism, but it’s tempered by the stagnant economy, they told focus group organizers from Public Opinion Strategies and Purple Strategies.

“These Walmart Moms may be a bit more upbeat, but there is anxiety — a sense that they are one accident away from economic devastation. Many are still trying to dig out of the financial struggles of the last few years, and while they may have their heads above water now and remain positive, they are still treading water. They plan on using the $100 they receive from participating in the group to buy necessities like gas or groceries, or tuck away for the Christmas season ‘to make my husband and kids happy,’ ” said the focus group summary.

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