The Washington Post has found a way to show outrage toward the National Security Agency's surveillance scandal while remaining loyal to President Obama: ask for transparency so that the press can protect their beloved president.

WaPo explains, "More transparency and oversight would allow the press, the Congress, and the courts to act as the president's eyes and ears, alerting him to cases where his subordinates have gone beyond what the law allows."

The press has really had to struggle through the recent scandals to find ways to spin them in the president's favor, and now WaPo has found one. If the NSA were more transparent, the press could easily jump on any notion that it was not Obama involved in the scandal and make sure that narrative is what is reported.

WaPo admits that "So far, the controversial surveillance programs revealed by Ed Snowden's leaks appear to have been conducted with the explicit approval of President Obama." But it also says it's possible that there is lawbreaking going on that Obama might not know about. In that case, more transparency would "make it easier for President Obama himself to keep his own subordinates in line."

But if Obama approved the controversial programs, it seems like more transparency would be damaging to the president.