The members of our military's elite forces have put their lives on the line for freedom countless times. They deserve all the honor and respect we can afford them.

So basing a video game on these real-life heroes is a no-brainer. Too bad it seems like more time was spent on the praise than the execution.

"Medal of Honor: Warfighter" plays like your average modern first-person shooter -- follow this preset path, shoot all the terrorists, repeat. Given that the game attempts to tackle some tough issues (how soldiers' families handle deployment, post-traumatic stress disorder and more), it seems like more could have been done to look at the horrors these soldiers face. Instead, everything is compartmentalized, with the cut-scenes about the emotional side, while the gameplay is still sort of the generic run-and-gun.

The move to base "Warfighter" on real-world operations run by special forces is genius. Gamers get to take part in missions ripped from the headlines, such as when snipers helped rescue a sea captain held by pirates. The only problem with this is that the story feels like it was shoehorned in after it was decided which real-world missions would be used.

'Medal of Honor: Warfighter'
» Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
» Price: $59.99
» Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The campaign also can be a bit dodgy at times. Scouting off the prescripted path can lead to terrorists spawning out of thin air, while the enemy AI has the bad guys running around in the open ripe for shooting -- not a real challenge.

Where "Warfighter" offers a glimmer of brilliance is in multiplayer. To encourage teamwork, players are placed on two-man teams, with squadmates able to resupply ammo and heal damage. It's a novel approach to discourage run-and-gun tactics, and hopefully future games will take note.

The latest "Medal of Honor" scores a bit above average, but it could have been something great. But now it seems like the best part is early entry to the "Battlefield 4" beta.