OK now that I have your attention let me explain that it will be the D.C. Divas facing the K.C. Tribe in the Independent Women’s Football League Title Game. The game is being played just outside Austin Texas at Red Rock Stadium tonight at 8p.m.
We are very happy for Divas GM Rich Daniels and his very hard working team that has become one of the best in women’s professional football.
They play in uniforms that are Burgundy and Gold. The team features the combination of a strong defense with a run first pass second offense.
The Divas would make Joe Gibbs proud. We wish them all the best and look forward to having another championship football trophy in town.
You can watch them on pay per view at the league website at http://www.iwflsports.com/
The charge is $15 dollars.
A note to the leaders of the IWFL – you really need a better marketing plan. Charging anything for a webcast of your title game is both silly and is counterproductive growing the league.  Take it from someone who has 30 years in the sports business you should stream the game for free.