Nicknamed the "celebriturkeys," this year's soon to be pardoned turkeys Gobbler and Cobbler of Rockingham County, Va., were introduced to the world Tuesday at the W Hotel.

"They've got it good, I tell ya," remarked Steve Willardsen, the chairman of the National Turkey Federation, noting the two birds' plush accommodations at the W Hotel. "They've been good guests, they've remained quiet in their rooms, we haven't had any noise complaints from their neighbors," added Ed Baten, general manager of the W Hotel.

For the first time, the White House is holding a contest online to designate which turkey will be officially pardoned and which turkey will serve as an alternate at Wednesday's ceremony. (Spoiler alert: In the end, both birds will be spared). As for how these birds compare to their tabled counterparts. "These are larger," explained Willardsen. "They would be used for things like deli breast and sliced turkey sandwiches and so forth."