You choose: This is either the smartest singles gimmick ever or the latest example of how lame and pathetic Washington has become.

According to the website, Washington men desperate for a first date on Valentine's Day are bidding for their chance to take a woman out on February 14.

So far in the period leading up to Valentine's Day, 2,696 Washington men have bid on first dates with D.C. women via the website that auctions off dates to the highest bidder. What's more, they are paying over $100 for the chance--not including dinner, roses and a box of chocolates. The site said the average winning bid is $131.70.

Sadly, it's not uncommon. The site told Secrets that nearly 370,000 first time date offers were made in the month leading to Thursday.

Washington, known more for it's top ranking of extramarital affairs, nearly made the top five, though the leader is New York with nearly 28,000 first date bids in the month leading up to Valentine's Day.