Washington-based financial adviser Marvin McIntyre would pen a poem for friends or maybe a little birthday jingle, but there was always something stopping him from writing a whole book. "I always used the excuse that I didn't have a plot," he told Yeas & Nays. But then in 2008, he started writing and didn't stop. "I wrote everywhere. I did it old school, just had steno pads," he said. Last week, his second novel was released, a political thriller, "Inside Out."

For his first novel, McIntyre used his financial experience to write about a broken system. "You can say things, but it also has to be juicy and entertaining and people really have to enjoy the read," he explained. For the second book, he turned to politics. "Here, I have similar frustrations with our dysfunctional political system and the difference here is, so does everybody else," McIntyre laughed.

The books revolve around a successful D.C.-based financial adviser named Mac McGregor and his arch nemesis, Jeremy Lyons -- fiction based on a bit of truth. "Now, I don't know anyone that evil, or they at least haven't revealed themselves to me to be that evil," he said of the Lyons character. But one of the attorneys is named after a real life friend. And many of the places McGregor frequents are places McIntyre visits too. "I really write about places that I know. So I really like Elephant and Castle, so I go there," he said. "Later you'll see Equinox, which is one of my favorite restaurants," he noted, referring to chef Todd Gray's downtown eatery.

McIntyre gives all the proceeds from his books to charity. "It allows me to do shameless promotion and not feel guilty about it," McIntyre explained. And in the long term, he hopes those books turn into something else. "The ultimate fantasy is to have somebody come and say this would be a great movie," he said.