Ruth Marcus, columnist and deputy editorial page editor at the Washington Post, said former president Bill Clinton's critics who still talk about his alleged inappropriate behavior with women should "give it a rest."

In an op-ed published Tuesday, Marcus said Republicans who backed President Trump need to answer for why they didn't believe the women who accused him of sexual misconduct, when some GOP leaders have come out in support of the women accusing of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, R-Ala., of similar behavior.

"Of course the most credible explanation is both obvious and unspeakable in public," Marcus wrote. "Republicans can afford to throw Moore under the bus, as difficult as it would be to narrow their already-thin Senate majority. They could not risk losing the presidency, even if it meant electing Trump."

Many Republicans, however, have accused Trump's political opponents of hypocrisy, and point to the Clinton years, when several women accused him of harassment, only to have their credibility undermined by Clinton's supporters.

But Marcus said it is time to move on from that argument.

"Yes, there are serious questions about Bill Clinton’s behavior with women," she said. "I said they were fair game back in the campaign, when he was deployed as a chief surrogate for Hillary Clinton and she was complaining about Trump’s 'penchant for sexism.' But now, give it a rest. Bill Clinton is not the president. Hillary Clinton is not the president. Trump is."

Trump, Clinton, and Moore have all denied accusations of sexual misconduct.