An embarrassing photo of President Obama trying to spell Ohio with a group of students was snagged by Buzzfeed this afternoon, as Zeke Miller posted two different photos of the incident on their website.

Many Romney supporters quickly tweeted the photo, joking that the President didn’t know how to spell Ohio.

The Washington Post quickly posted a defense of the president claiming that the erroneous photo had been photoshopped. They also believed that they had caught Mitt Romney Ohio spokesman Christopher Maloney for erroneously tweeting the photo.

The Post then tweeted out the photo, claiming that the one circling the web was a fraud.

It wasn’t long before they realized their mistake as Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith and others corrected them on Twitter. The staff quickly changed the post, taking out the photoshopping accusation.

As the controversy grew, the Washington Post updated their post with a correction, noting that Maloney was correct in “catching Obama in an embarrassing error — misspelling Ohio.”


Afterwards the Post tweeted a correction, claiming they were “fooled.”