A Washington Post reporter admitted that President Trump's election made him suspicious about white people who put him in office.

Esquire magazine on Sunday published a series of quotes from journalists, politicians and political operatives involved with the 2016 election, including an excerpt from Dave Weigel, who covers national politics for the Post.

"I was connecting through the Atlanta airport," Weigel said, remembering the day after the election. "I looked around and thought, well, for eight years, I didn't really think about who voted for who. But as a white dude with a mustache, fairly bloated by the campaign, most of the people who look like me voted for this guy who, as far as they know, is a bigot. I remember feeling that this divider had come down, this new intensity of feeling about everybody I saw."

Liberal CNN commentator Van Jones is also quoted in the piece, reflecting on his Election Day commentary, which went viral after he summed up Trump's victory as a "whitelash" by voters.

"What's interesting about it is, I'm black, my wife is not," he said. "She and I were talking about what was happening in Europe. And I said, 'The backlash is coming here.' She said, 'Yeah, it'll be a whitelash here.' That was in the back of my mind."