A group against the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is running an ad showing a child having an asthma attack in an effort to persuade five Republican senators to vote against the legislation later this month.

The Community Catalyst Action Fund said Sunday it's launching a seven-figure radio and television advertising campaign on Monday targeting Republican senators in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Nevada and West Virginia.

A television ad targeting Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins, for example, begins with a young boy with asthma sitting on a bed, having a hard time breathing. His mother rushes for an inhaler.

"When this happens, she isn't thinking about the healthcare bill in Congress," the narrator says. "She isn't thinking that it will force her to choose between filling his prescriptions or paying their mortgage. She isn't thinking that when her premiums go up, they'll lose their health insurance. And she shouldn't have to."

It ends: "But you should, Sen. Collins. So when you vote on the new healthcare bill, think about what's right for Maine. And vote no."

Robert Restuccia, the executive director of the Community Catalyst Action Fund, accused Senate Republicans in a statement of "working in secret and rushing to pass a bill that will closely mirror" the healthcare bill passed by the House.

"We think it's critical that Americans across the country understand what's at stake for them and their families if the U.S. Senate passes this bill," he said.