Antifa supporters protesting an alt-right rally in Berkeley, Calif., Sunday clashed violently with white nationalists, with one right-winger reportedly pummeled to the ground by a group of protesters clad in black and wearing masks.

Anti-Trump forces — which outnumbered Trump supporters — initially assembled peacefully at the "No to Marxism in America" event held near the Martin Luther King Civic Center, bearing "Avenge Charlottesville" banners. Tensions, bubbled over as the two groups faced-off, according to multiple reports.

At one point, well-known Orange County far-right figure Johnny Benitez was swarmed by a crowd chanting, "Black Lives Matter," the Los Angeles Times reported.

In another instance, a journalist captured video of antifa protesters beating a white nationalist with their fists and shields.

Police resorted to tear gas and rubber bullets to subdue the confrontations, the Los Angeles Times reported.

At least 10 people had been arrested, per the newspaper.

The unrest in Berkeley follows a similar protest organized to disrupt a "Patriot Prayer" rally hosted across the bay in San Francisco on Saturday.