Footage from a 2006 Senate filibuster indicates Hillary Clinton was part of a group of Democrats who fought against confirming a Supreme Court nominee during George W. Bush's presidency.

Clinton and President Obama were among 24 Senate Democrats who attempted to block the vote on Justice Samuel Alito.

Although the incident happened two years before the end of Bush's second term and was a protest of more liberal Democrats against the conservative nominee, Clinton filibuster comments may give her trouble on the campaign trail.

"He [Alito] has rarely sided with individuals seeking relief from discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender or disabilty," Clinton said in the floor speech. "In fact, in the vast majority of civil rights cases, Judge Alito has sided with those who would infringe on the civil rights of Americans."

Earlier this week, Clinton published 11 tweets calling on the GOP-controlled Senate to consider the president's Supreme Court nominee, calling it their job to confirm someone.

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, died last Saturday while on a hunting trip in West Texas. His reputation as a constitutional conservative nominated by President Ronald Reagan has left the highest court in a vulnerable position as both parties fight to control the Court.