CNN's Patrick Oppmann struggled to put on his jacket when winds and rain from Hurricane Irma suddently battered where he was stationed on the island nation of Cuba on Friday.

Footage of CNN's correspondent in Caibarien battling the elements to put on his jacket before someone reaches in to help. Trees could be seen in the background being whipped around by the strong gusts.

Oppmann described what it was like getting hit by the Category 4 storm later in the evening on "CNN Tonight." For most of the afternoon and evening, Irma has boasted sustained maximum winds of 155 miles per hour.

"You know, it came out of nowhere," he began. "That was the most surprising thing. I covered a number of hurricanes, and usually they progress up to a point and the weather turns and eventually you get those kinds of conditions. This literally came -- we didn't even see it coming. I had my jacket on earlier in the day. It was hot. It was not raining. We didn't have a drop of rainfall, and all of the sudden we just got blindsided by this -- however many seconds squall that was and it felt like you were getting hit by needles."

Offering a warning to anyone who might test the storm, Offerman said that the part of the storm he had gotten caught in did not even have "the most powerful bands."

"Luckily my colleagues who got me a jacket," he said. "I was almost unable to put it on by myself."

Irma is forecast to make its way to Florida over the weekend as a Category 4 storm.