One of Ted Cruz's fiercest congressional supporters, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., stars in a new ad rebuffing some of Sen. Marco Rubio's critiques of Cruz on foreign policy.

The ad implores voters to "Trust Ted."

"As a Navy pilot, I flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan," Bridenstine tells viewers. "I just watched a despicable ad from one of Marco Rubio's campaign supporters suggesting that Ted Cruz is weak on security."

"I have watched Ted Cruz boldly stand against President Obama's appeasement of those who threaten our security, from Iran, to [the Islamic State], to Russia," Bridenstine continues.

Bridenstine later hits Rubio on immigration and the refugee crisis, saying, "I have seen Ted Cruz stand up to both Obama and Marco Rubio, when they joined forces to provide amnesty without border security. The Rubio amnesty bill would have expanded the U.S. refugee resettlement program."

Bridenstine first endorsed Cruz for president in July, touting, in part, Cruz's fundraising prowess. Since then, to date, Cruz has raised more money than any Republican candidate, save Jeb Bush.

"We need a full-spectrum conservative that has proven he or she can fundraise, who has proven inside the beltway that they can look at the giants, face them down and defeat them," Bridenstine said then. "I think the person that matches that description better than anybody I've seen is Senator Ted Cruz."