John Kasich released a new ad Saturday attacking Jeb Bush's floundering campaign, hitting for squandering his robust fundraising.

It's the second ad in as many days in which Kasich goes after Bush.

"What happened to Jeb? He had the name, the money, the support," the Kasich ad begins. "And yet, a lukewarm message, weak debates, and sagging polls have left Jeb attacking John Kasich, in desperation."

In an ad released Friday, Kasich called Jeb, "Jeb the Fee-master."

"Jeb Bush couldn't fix Florida so he dropped higher costs on everyone," it argues. "Jeb put higher costs on low-income kids who went to the doctor."

The two ads are the latest sign of a budding rivalry between the two. Political observers see a four-way "establishment" race for second place in New Hampshire, between Kasich, Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie.

Kasich's numbers have spiked in New Hampshire, in the double digits in many polls and clearly in second place, to Donald Trump.