House Speaker Paul Ryan reminded senior Democratic lawmakers on Monday, the third day of the government shutdown, of how they criticized Republicans during the 2013 shutdown despite embracing the same strategies this time around.

"Let me read you a couple quotes from the 2013 government shutdown. 'Open the government. When you open the government, we'll open negotiations.' Dick Durbin 2013," Ryan told Fox News' "Fox and Friends."

"Or this. 'I believe in immigration reform. What if I persuaded my caucus to say 'I'm going to shut down the government, I'm not going to pay the bills unless I get my way.' This is confrontation of idiocy and paralysis.' This is Chuck Schumer 2013. This is ridiculous. I don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into," Ryan added.

Ryan said his greatest frustration with the shutdown is that both parties had been involved in talks about codifying the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program prior to the budget vote late Friday.

"This is what is so weird about this issue. We were in bipartisan, earnest, good-faith DACA negotiations before the government shut down. I would maybe sort of understand these moves, if we were saying we want to deport all these kids — we don't want to do anything," Ryan said.

"We're saying open the government. We'll get back to the negotiations. We were already underway. They blew up when the government shut down," he added.

Democrats want DACA legislation included in a continuing resolution, but Republicans have said they will debate immigration reform before the program's March 5 conclusion because they do not want to include it in a stop-gap spending bill. The Senate votes again at noon Monday.