Saudi Arabian King Salman attempted to make a grand entrance during his first-ever visit to Moscow Wednesday but did not get off to a good start.

After Salman's plane landed, the Saudis rolled out a golden escalator -- instead of stairs -- to the plane's exit door for the king to use as he deplaned.With his head held high, Salman stepped onto the majestic escalator, but a few seconds into his graceful descent, the escalator froze, as if it had been turned off suddenly.Salman stood in place for nearly 30 seconds unsure what to do before finally deciding to walk the rest of the way down.

Salman and his delegation traveled to Moscow to meet with Putin's government over billions of dollars' worth of joint investment deals. The trip marked the first time a reigning Saudi monarch has visited Russia on a state trip.

In March, Salman brought two golden escalators and 100 limousines on his trip to Japan.