Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker argued with a Democratic county executive over the House GOP's healthcare reform bill passed this week and refused to take a position on the bill.

Walker was in Appleton, Wis., on Friday for a minor league baseball team event when Outagamie County Executive Thomas Nelson approached him. Nelson asked, in front of news cameras, what Walker's position is on the American Health Care Act.

Walker didn't take kindly to the question and confronted Nelson in front of reporters.

"If you want to have a press conference, you go ahead," he said.

"If you want to steal [attention] away from tourism, go do that," he said.

Walker said the bill isn't a matter for Wisconsin lawmakers right now, and said his plan is to react to whatever passes through the Senate and is signed by President Trump.

Walker repeatedly shut down Nelson's line of questioning and accused him of hijacking the event for political gain.

"If you want to play politics, you should run for office," Walker said. "You want to run for governor? Run for governor."

Nelson said he doesn't get many opportunities to speak with Walker and simply wanted to ask him a question about a bill that is concerning many of his constituents.

"This obviously has gotten under your skin and I'm really sorry about that," Nelson said.