CONCORD, N.H. — A young man holding a sign stating, "Donald Trump's dream is Martin Luther King's nightmare," drew intense reaction from one of the Republican presidential front-runner's supporters Monday outside his campaign rally in the New Hampshire capital.

"I'm very conservative, but I find this actually appalling," Harrison Garrett, a first-time New Hampshire voter, told the Washington Examiner as he stood and watched the heated exchange. "One of my best friends is Muslim – he's from Afghanistan – and I know that he has no intentions similar to what this guy is talking about."

"You can't associate the people that support [Trump] with him completely, but it is a little scary to see these are the people that support him," he added.

Doug Robbins, another young voter who admitted to attending the really more "for the showman than the candidate," said witnessing the exchange solidifed his decision not to vote for the brash New York billionaire.

"This is definitely turning me off of Trump even more than I already was," he said.

Caution: This video contains strong language.

Sean Langille contributed to this story.