President Trump called Gary Cohn onto the stage while addressing the media to confirm with his chief economic adviser that he plans to stay with the administration.

During a media availability Saturday, Trump was asked if Cohn will remain with the White House amid speculation that Cohn might depart after Trump signed a massive tax overhaul plan passed by his Republican allies in Congress late last year.

"Where is Gary?" asked Trump, who was standing with members of his Cabinet and Republican leaders at Camp David.

Amid laughter, Trump asked if Cohn heard the question "in this beautiful hangar that's freezing" and beckoned him to come on stage.

Cohn said he did not hear the question, to which Trump then explained: "They said, 'Will Gary Cohn continue or remain in the administration?' I said: 'I hope so.' Now, if he leaves, I'm going to say: 'I'm very happy that he left.' Okay? All right? Come here, Gary. Are you happy, Gary? He just passed a very big bill. I think he's pretty happy."

Cohn, after embracing House Speaker Paul Ryan, walked to the mic, put his arm around Trump, and said with a smile: "Yes, I'm happy. How's that?"

The two shook hands, and more laughter ensued.

"Gary, hopefully, will be staying for a long time," Trump added.