NEW YORK — President Trump offered a toast to the "potential" of the United Nations on Tuesday shortly after addressing the UN General Assembly for the first time.

"There is no better forum, there can be no better forum and certainly, there can be no better location where everybody comes together," Trump said at the opening of a luncheon hosted by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

"The potential of the United Nations is unlimited," Trump said. "You are going to do things that will be epic, and I certainly hope you will, but I feel very, very confident."

The president raised a glass of what appeared to be red wine to toast the UN, although he personally does not consume alcohol.

"I just want to toast everybody in the room, and let's give this as a toast to the potential — the great, great potential — of the United Nations," Trump said.

Trump has focused repeatedly during his General Assembly debut on the potential of the UN, rather than its existing utility. On Monday, he hosted a major meeting of more than 100 countries focused on reforming the UN and trimming its sprawling bureaucracy.

Trump's focus on UN reform has aligned him with Guterres, whom he praised during his speech earlier Tuesday. Guterres has also focused on addressing flaws in the UN's operations and redirecting resources into programs that produce results.