"It's a grave mistake that will make a bad situation worse," said liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes last night on his show, "All In."

Many conservatives have taunted the anti-war Left for disappearing during the Obama administration, but in the past couple days, they've returned. Code Pink is disrupting hearings. Many Democrats are resisting Obama's push to war. And some liberal journalists are downright opposing it.

Hayes' argument is ultimately a conservative argument, in a sense of the word — Obama's goals are worthy, but direct government action can't accomplish these goals, and may have unexpected consequences that makes things worse.

Last night, he grappled with the unpleasant realizations involved in opposing an attack:

Those of us who oppose military intervention, but for practical reasons and on principle, need to have the moral courage to stare into the gaping maw of horror that is the Syrian civil war, and the Assad regime, and the murder of hundreds of innocent children, and say "we can't make this situation better. We just can't"

Hayes adds that our government can provide humanitarian aide to refugees, yes — but that's treating symptoms. Treating the disease, however, is beyond our capabilities, he seems to say. I agree.