We're witnessing something historic, and I don't mean that as a good thing. After decades of complaints and sabre-rattling, Republicans are in control.

"Put me in coach, give me a chance." "We can do better." "We have the vision." "We know how to lead." The mantra went on and on.

The problem was, few conservatives had the insight or clairvoyance to understand talk was cheap, and leadership is a continuing rare commodity.

As conservative voters, we have to look no further than the mirror for who's to blame. Don't look up, don't look down, don't look around — look straight ahead.

It is us.

We have elected a group of individuals who don't have the capabilities to manage or run a Dairy Queen, let alone guide, advise, and run the world's largest capitalistic society and business. When given the opportunity to make tough decisions, they argue instead. When faced with a dilemma, they do focus groups and surveys. When confronted with tough realities (such as having to make decisions about healthcare), they stick their finger in the wind, hoping the breeze is not too intense. Spineless whiners, they quiver at the thought of having to make a decision and stand for what they so boldly pounded their chests about.

How can the land of the free and the home of the brave produce such tepid cream puffs?

With Republicans in control of almost all of politics, now is the time for action. Now is the time for pugnacity and grit. The country now more than ever, more than perhaps in decades, needs fortitude and courage.

Webster defines courage as: "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." Hah! Most elected conservatives currently in Washington approach a trip to Six Flags as a dangerous venture with high personal risk.

Frankly, we are sick of it.

The problem is not President Trump or his agenda. He is doing his job. It is an uncomfortable fact, almost to the individual, the elected officials sent to D.C. are incompetent and more concerned with protecting their little piece of the swamp than acting in the public interest. One example after another begs a hard head scratch. Although this is nauseating, it is totally understandable. We the people have continued to vote for names and slogans while disregarding resumes, accomplishments, and boldness.

So, once again, it falls on the forgotten electorate to ensure that decisions are being made and promises honored. We must step up our game, as they await enough pressure to compel honorable and required action and, importantly, votes.

Finally, how is it so difficult to realize fixing broken systems takes time, logic, and progressive steps? Why is it so hard to just execute your word and do what you told people you would do? Why is it painful to stand by what you said versus struggle for a new slogan to hide behind? Why is it that we have tepid, neutered leadership?

The answer is us. Yes, until we demand more, forcing the fence-straddlers to commit to action while trumpeting that both sides of the aisle need to represent America or go get real jobs — nothing will happen. Our kids, grandkids, and posterity deserve better from all of us.

So, as that quiet force of democracy, let's do something significant. Let's have an opinion, speak clearly, and elicit action from those we've elected. We ask them simply, do what they promised they would do — while we contemplate sending them home!

Robert Blaha is a Colorado Springs businessman. This piece was originally published in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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