There’s loony, and then there’s cable news pundit loony.

This is a story about the latter.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has stepped down from his post following months of harsh criticism from President Trump, NBC News reported Monday afternoon.

By all appearances, this a pretty serious deal, especially considering the president dismissed former FBI Director James Comey just last May. And all this comes amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into allegations the Russians interfered in the 2016 election and that the Trumps may have coordinated with them.

What’s a political pundit to make of all this? How about employing a Holocaust analogy? If that's what you wanted, then don't worry, CNN and ABC News contributor Ana Navarro has you covered.

“First, he came for Comey, & they didn’t speak out b/c they were Trump apologists,” she tweeted out after NBC broke the story of McCabe’s sudden ouster.

She added in continued reference to Martin Niemoller’s poem chastising those who did nothing to halt the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust, “Then, he came for McCabe, & they didn’t speak out b/c they were Trump apologists Next, he’ll come for Rosestein [sic] & they won’t speak out b/c they’re Trump apologists Last, he’ll come for Mueller...”

God almighty. Look, McCabe stepping down is a legitimate news event. The fact that it comes after Comey’s dismissal makes it all the more notable. It doesn't make Trump Hitler. It's not quite as on par with the roundup and systematic murder of approximately 6 million Jews, plus millions more political enemies.

And just for fun, the same person wrote the following tweets earlier this year:

Let’s maybe keep things in perspective, OK?

Maybe this sort of frenzied hyperbole makes for good TV. But it certainly doesn’t make for good analysis.