National Weather Service surveyors will be looking for evidence of any tornados that may have hit the region Monday night, officials said.

There were funnel-cloud sightings near Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and precursors to funnel clouds known as "wall clouds" were sighted in the Germantown area in Maryland and Fredericksburg area in Virginia. To fully form a tornado, however, those funnel clouds would have touched down on the ground.

Workers will be determining whether damage was caused by tornados or strong thunderstorm winds, said Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Witt.

Since noon Monday, the D.C. area was hit with an estimated 1 to 2 inches of rain. Some places, such as the Annandale area of Fairfax County, saw even greater rainfall, Witt said.

Forecasters predict that Tuesday will be partly sunny with highs in the mid-80s. There is a chance of isolated showers in the afternoon.